High School

After the path of primary education that our students walk on through grade school and middle school classes, they go to high school. Young, restless, critical, curious, and accustomed to being stimulated to think, they now face the challenges of reconciling an increase in learning with the questioning and doubts inherent to adolescence. It is a time where their differences are accentuated, as well the act of defending their positions, and the need to belong to a group.


The collective dream of offering quality education to the children and youth of Feira de Santana opens the way for the understanding and support of the initially undefined individual dream. Students are therefore encouraged to set intentions, plan their careers and work to achieve desired goals. In Entrepreneurship class, students learn stories about the success, failure and challenge that life imposes. They learn that to undertake life’s endeavors, they should search within, and plan and stick to the path they have projected. In high school, the world widens and horizons are broadened. It is necessary to build a compass that will guide them on the path ahead.


Ballroom Dancing, Pilates, Photography classes and a mix of workshops complement the traditional activities offered in our extensive curriculum. These activities make room for the development of corporal expression, as well as the investigation of visual perception. The students’ awareness in turn, becomes more observant, analytical and critical, thus revealing unexpected individual potential in creation and / or interpretation of characters.


There are no positive and lasting results without effort. For our students to consciously choose their paths, we encourage intellectual and academic production based on well-defined work routines, on stimulating daily study without falling behind, and on the importance of persistence in the achievement of a higher goal. This true spirit opens the doors to the world. Our motto, our dream.

“Dreams determine what you want. Actions determine what you gain.”
Aldo Novak (1962 -)

High School