Elementary School

In elementary and middle school classes, in the daily practice of relating to the students, and in the act of teaching, we seek to develop that which instigates, motivates and guides the shaping of the whole citizen. A citizen who is able to think ahead, put oneself in the other’s shoes, and know how to perceive and produce information. A citizen who knows how to use these skills in a positive way, in the construction and integration of knowledge. Citizens with training, ability and willingness to contribute to the progress of the society in which they live. It is worth remembering that transforming realities requires knowledge and will. In that order!


Thus daily, our students are encouraged to question, express opinions, disagree and argue, in order to participate in the teaching-learning process, conducted in Portuguese and English. The knowledge of English as well as Portuguese is seen as a means: a tool for mastery of curriculum content. Classes and educational activities take place in one language or another. Bilingualism is part of the school routine. Conventional curricular subjects are complemented with classes on Computer, Science, Programming and Logic Games, as well as Media, Finances, Music, and the Arts, along with extra-curricular activities. Together, these lessons and activities strengthen the intellectual and cultural background of the students. This plethora of options allows the student to form a more elaborate worldview.


Positive student relationships are bolstered through participation in sports, tournaments, and in the “Olimpíada Brasileira” competitions. These activities crystallize the importance of students living harmoniously together in society, establishing and respecting rules, recognizing their rights and responsibilities, and understanding their own strengths and limitations as well as those of others.

“Man is nothing but what Education makes of him.”
Immanuel Kant (1724-1804)