Physical Education and Sports

Physical Education classes at Colégio Helyos aim to shape students’ fundamental learning, using activities that encourage the development of the competencies, capacities and skills associated with affective, cognitive, social and psychomotor dimensions. In kindergarten, Rhythm and Corporal Expression classes have social, cognitive and cultural development as their goal. These classes enhance motor skills, as well as teach students how to share and cooperate, and develop partnerships and friendships. In elementary school, classes address laterality, motor coordination, and balance in a number of different ways, through pre-sports games, fun activities, and finally, through an introduction to sports.

In middle school, Physical Education classes work with activities recommended for developing physical fitness, cardiovascular strength and flexibility. Sports are played with increasing frequency. In high school, Physical Education offers classes on sports that were played in middle school, such as volleyball, handball, basketball, and futsal, with the addition of Pilates for the 3º year students. Pilates class focuses on good posture, breathing and relaxation techniques. In this way, Physical Education complements the intellectual and moral education, aiming at the integral formation of the student — body, mind and spirit.