It was early 1981. The beginning of a dream. Maria Luiza decided to dedicate herself to her daughter, nephews and nieces’ education, giving them her best. Inspired by her aunts Zeza and Iazinha, on a small ranch full of fruity trees, she committed herself to following their path. It was the time to set aside her degrees in Urban Design – University of Créteil in France – and Architecture – Federal University of Bahia (UFBA). In addition, to revive the lessons learned from Central Institution of Education, ICEA, which was firmly managed by Professor Teodolinda, her source of inspiration. It was a brave decision, supported by those who understood her determination. The School of the Sun (Escolinha do Sol) was then born. Its name came from the idea that, such as the sun, education is the greatest source of energy for life. Her relatives and closest friends witnessed and participated in her dream taking shape. Soon enough her friends’ friends and their friends were joining in… The little school was growing and developing its own character.

Ten years later, as an answer to the wishes and demands from parents, the primary school became a secondary school, accommodating high school a few years later. The word Sun began to be written in Greek and Helyos School has been deployed year by year. The first high school graduates in 2001 were approved to study at the best Universities in Brazil. Such a goal was stablished since the beginning, and it was achieved making us very proud. Nowadays students from Helyos are able to study at the best universities worldwide if they wish to do so.

Some students have already done that, which led us to our slogan: Helyos School, opening doors to the world. Teacher Maria Luíza Santana Soledade, also known among the students as Tia Iza ( Aunty Iza), brought a dream to life. Those who have believed and are active dreamers play many vital roles as supporters and enthusiasts.

A dream which is dreamed alone is only a dream. When we dream it together, it is the beginning of reality.
Miguel de Cervantes In Dom Quixote de La Mancha.